Suspended kitchen in acrylic and krion

This kitchen with strong lines is characterized by lightness as it is completely suspended. The pure white gives brightness to the living area.

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Suspended kitchen in krion

This kitchen, that we have made, it is completely suspended and all in the same material, the krion. The mirror, which divides the two parallelepipeds of the island, reflects the surrounding space that seems to be part of the kitchen itself as well as giving lightness. In the drawers we have placed our Impulso cutlery holder.

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Oak table with turntable


For the realization of this table we were inspired by the convivial lunches of China. The turntable positioned in the center of the table allows you to draw from the various dishes at your discretion. Set in a kitchen designed for a stube, it is made entirely of oak. The use of the whole plant, complete with sapwood and heartwood and its natural course, characterize the design of the table.

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Krion kitchen with oak inserts

In this kitchen, made for a stube, the wooden details and the gas burners that come out directly from the Krion top stand out. The tones and materials reflect the environment inspired by nature and well-being. To complete it all, we have created a very convivial table..

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Flash renovation and furnishing of the living area

A new challenge: renovation of the living area during the Christmas period with custom-made furniture. The kitchen is embellished with oak and quartzite inserts, with cuts that form angular geometries and matching appliances. Our system for aromatic plants, the retractable battery charger on the top and our cutlery tray "Impulse" complete the work. Read more

Krion kitchen with wooden inserts

For this renovation, design and supply of furnishings we have given ample space to the kitchen. The wooden inserts give warmth to the cold tones chosen for the furnishing of the living area. The spacious Krion top with a peninsula suspended on glass is very practical, for true cooking enthusiasts..

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The interactive kitchen


In this villa, where we took care of the entire interior and exterior project, our interactive kitchen could not be missing, patented. Sophisticated design combines with technology: the food is weighed directly on the kitchen top where it is also possible to activate the function "count down". Recipes or any web page are displayed on the top next to the fires. The vegetable washer inserted in the top performs the washing automatically. The appliance door compartment with motorized technical curtain hides the robots ready and comfortable for use. Read more

The kitchen that purifies the air


For this kitchen we have used a recently patented material that "purifies the air" through a completely natural procedure.

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Suspended kitchen in Corian and acrylic


In this project we have divided the living area with strong shapes created in plasterboard, dedicating ample space to the kitchen and light effects.

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Corian kitchen with accessories compartment


For this kitchen we have chosen a very linear and clean design suitable for the modern environment we created in the apartment project. The practical accessories and small appliances compartment hides the superfluous from view. The LEDs highlight the strong lines that characterize it.

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Corian kitchen with oak inserts


This Corian kitchen with oak inserts has a very special design: the fridge and oven columns are inserted into the wall and stand out like a picture thanks to the oak frame, the hood was highlighted by the plasterboard design outlined with two oak boards, on the peninsula the inserts with a soft shape on the top and square on the sides make it unique.

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Corian kitchen with black satin top


In this kitchen project we have included a satin black top that gives elegance and gives a modern touch to the living area.

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Kitchen with oak insert and retractable appliance compartment

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mangodesign_cucina_corian_1In this project we have inserted a compartment for small retractable appliances. Thanks to a technical curtain, the environment is always tidy and each robot is in its place ready to be used. The peninsula, with oak insert, it is suspended on a crystal. Read more

Zona giorno e cucina sospesa con penisola e tavolo in noce

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This complete project of the living area and kitchen is characterized by the solid walnut boards seasoned for many years supplied to us by the client. Cuts, lights and false ceilings complete the environments by creating new shapes. Read more

Corian and wood kitchen


In this kitchen made of Corian and wood, the peninsula is suspended on the glass that supports it with discretion. The compartment for small appliances allows for order and ease of use. The gas hob is the protagonist together with the wine cellar from 64 bottles, for true connoisseurs.

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The double kitchen

mangodesign_cucina mk - 3

In this project, given the wide spaces and the passion for cooking, after one year we built a double kitchen with induction hobs and burners. The practical "go up and down" hides the appliances that, thanks to the remote control, appear as if by magic when they are used. The doors are in Corian modeled with a texture invented by us with a soft effect. The columns are totally suspended and detached from the wall, they seem to float in space.

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Corian kitchen with oak inserts


Kitchen made of Corian with an oak insert in the island. The ceiling hood, in its total discretion, makes the environment cleaner, the table made with the floorboards gives character and originality to the environment.

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Renovation and new kitchen in Corian and wood


In questa cucina realizzata in corian, you can see the usefulness of the aisle made with the same material and the brightness of the green, colore adottato per gli accessori e gli sgabelli. Un vetro extra chiaro sostiene la penisola ed il tavolo. The digital fresco is the protagonist, una cartolina con un albero stilizzato che riprende lo stesso verde dei particolari e rafforza il tema della cucina.

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Renovation and new kitchen in materic laminate and corian


Renovation of the entire apartment with suspended kitchen in Corian and material laminate. Le pareti che sostengono la cucina sono in legno laccato bianco opaco.

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Corian kitchen with oak table

mangodesign_346_ trento

Cucina realizzata con top in corian e frontali in laminato materico. The warmth of an oak plank of 60 anni spessa 5 cm is carved in Corian and forms the surface where the dishes are consumed.

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Corian kitchen with appliances compartment


For this kitchen and dining area we have thought of a new very comfortable appliance compartment that closes completely if necessary, giving a sense of order and cleanliness.. A compartment also for the flush insertion of the scale on the Corian top.

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Corian kitchen with central island

mangodesign_cucina_patty - 2

Bianco corian, legno caldo e resine grigie caratterizzano gli spazi di questa cucina. An imposing central block with fires, concealed hood and multi-socket. On the side, the kitchen is suspended while the columns on the ground house a very large double fridge. Read more

Kitchen with bench and table made with the slats of the flooring

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In questo nostro progetto le doghe di legno della pavimentazione segnano linee continue formando la panca ed il tavolo. Colori caldi, sovrani, ammorbidiscono il vivere in casa. La cucina con un laminato materico sulla parte esterna ed il bianco verso l’interno dell’area lavoro si caratterizzano in modo diverso dal nostro solito operare. Read more

Total white kitchen with aisle equipped in Corian

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mangodesign_kitchen_antonio - 1

Per la prima volta in questa cucina trovate la nostra corsia attrezzata dietro al lavello tutta completamente in corian compreso i 3 taglieri, il vano per riporre bicchieri e tazzine appena lavati e lo scomparto per i piatti. Cucina in corian bianco latte, sospesa da listelli rettangolari ben visibili ma che nello stesso tempo danno un senso di leggerezza alla cucina.

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Corian kitchen with gray finishes and colored LEDs

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mangodesign_kitchen_mario - 3

Abbiamo progettato una nuova idea di cucina con dei tagli obliqui sui fianchi in corian per renderla più leggera. In questa realizzazione viene evidenziato, grazie anche alle luci led, il nostro punto forte: la sospensione.

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Corian kitchen with peninsula e “ups and downs”

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Una lastra di cristallo sostiene la cucina a penisola. Top in corian bianco, frontalin0 di cassetti e cestoni in acrilico bianco con apertura automatica. Container base equipped with electric sliding mechanism with retractable compartment to house appliances that are always ready for use. Pareti in resina con finitura "ardesia".

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Corian kitchen with emerald green finishes


Abbiamo realizzato una nuova cucina in corian, con rifiniture e dettagli in un verde vivace. Read more

Corian and dove gray acrylic kitchen


Cucina con top in corian, ante e frontalini in acrilico color tortora e sistema di apertura automatico.

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Fully suspended kitchen with contrasting LEDs


Top in corian, ante in acrilico bianco, apertura cassetti e cesti automatica.Tavolo con impiallaccio in vera pietra e sostegno in corian. Led strip lighting under the bases to give a feeling of voluptuousness..

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