Fiera Domo 2017

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A Domo 2017 we presented a stand featuring salt. We have added a salt plate in the kitchen to flavor the food after cooking on teppan-yaki, inserted our laMani handle into a salt plate and placed our Sfacciato and Juglans washbasins on the salt bags. Our aperitif table "Aperificus", in the two brand new garden versions, aroused much curiosity and attraction.

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Io Casa 2016 – Riva del Garda

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At the Io Casa event we previewed our kitchen with the point "G", a real innovation in the kitchen, just patented. Specifically, a clean worktop where you can activate the various functions by touching it with your hand: the vegetable washes with the various automatic washing cycles, the scale with tare function, the countdown and finally the convenience of being able to read and browse the recipes (and not only!) directly from the kitchen top. Curious? Watch our Facebook videos dedicated to each function. Another novelty is our washbasin "Juglans" with soft lines and silky to the touch.

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Aperificus Mangodesign aperitif tables

Aperificus aperitif table

Aperificus, aperitif table is inspired by the leaf of the "ficus monstera". The leaves that elegantly welcome the glasses are customizable thanks to a wide range of colors. The vase equally with a brand, a phrase, a drawing.. Ideal for outdoor use: garden, beach, terrace, thanks to its design it can also embellish an interior space in homes, bar, restaurants. Available in various outdoor and indoor versions.

For prices and information: Contattaci

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Home Ideas 2015

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mangodesign_ideecasa_2015 - 1

On the occasion of Idee Casa we presented our new kitchen with larch wood inserts obtained from the recovery of the roof beams of an old mill under renovation, building in which the kitchen itself will be installed. With the desire to keep the memory and the history of the place where we intervened and the attention to new materials, wooden elements were reused combined with solid surface and opaque white acrylic in order to characterize the theme of the "old and new, past and present, together to shorten distances". A detail on the island is the plate of pink Himalayan salt to flavor the food. Read more

Evento Open Design Italia

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mangodesign_opendesign0La nostra creazione lavabo SFACCIATO è stata selezionata fra 300 candidati per partecipare alla mostra evento Open Design Italia che si è tenuta a Trento. We have also been awarded and in November our SFACCIATO will be on display at the Academy of the Hungarian Embassy in Rome.. "Open Design Italia premia il design autoprodotto di piccola serie, con sinergia tra designer ed artigiani del territorio”.

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Fiera Domo 2015 Trento

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We have dedicated this annual appointment to our bathroom accessories made of Corian and the Sfacciato washbasin, da noi progettati nello stesso materiale. Visto il tema della fiera, agriculture, non potevano mancare dei richiami alla "vita contadina" dal legno al fieno. I lavabi sono posizionati su delle assi di legno dando calore agli appartamenti delle più moderne città. Il tavolo fluttuante realizzato con due assi di rovere incollate tra loro con il taglio naturale ondulato della pianta, sembra sospeso, in realtà è sostenuto da un gioco di 2 vetri temperati. La cucina in versione "single" non si fa mancare nulla: from the dishwasher to the large fridge, forno, fuochi ad induzione e cappa incorporata nel cartongesso per rendere tutto molto lineare e pulito.

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Triennale del Legno


At the Triennale del Legno we presented our latest washbasins and accessories designed by us for sale also on our website. Protagonista di questo evento il legno, in fact the kitchen is characterized by the inserts in the oak axis of 60 anni. Legno e corian si fondono e creano un design molto ricercato, caldo ed esclusivo.

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Fiera Idee Casa Trento 2013

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mangodesign_unica13 - 4

Also this year we were protagonists at the Idee Casa Fair in Trento with our creations. We have dedicated ample space to this year's novelty THE CORIAN WASHBASIN. Lavabo sospeso dalle forme più accattivanti e stravaganti, progettato su misura, futurista e comunque funzionale. Le altre novità sono la lampada di design "Zebra", la porta in corian effetto "sgorbia" nel lato interno e effetto "wave" on the outside and our brushed stainless steel handle that will soon be put into production.

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Fiera CTE Trento 2012

mangodesign_fiera2012 - 2

We are presenting a completely white matte kitchen with a novelty: the groove for the opening of the baskets is also matt white lacquered and illuminated by LEDs. The official presentation of our bathroom line has achieved great success as the decoration of the walls with the digital fresco technique both in the bathroom area and above the kitchen top.

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Fiera di Bolzano 2012

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On the occasion of the fair in Bolzano we presented our kitchen with aromatic plants inserted in the top and hood always inserted in the kitchen top. The upper part of our kitchen opens thanks to a small remote control.

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