Resin bathroom with our “Lavarina” sink

mangodesign_bagno_luca - 7

Thanks to this monolithic, very relaxing and homogenous effect, it is possible to notice the continuity of the resin. The protagonist of the project is our second sink inspired to an old-style sink but, of course, revisited here in a modern key. Sharp and very pronounced cuts set up the bathroom and are the main features.

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Renovation, sleeping area decor and resin and teak bathroom

mango design

For this integral renovation we decided to use wood teak also in the bathroom. Radiators with an innovative design decorate the sleeping area and in the bathroom, two iron beams release heat standing out from the crystallized dark grey of the walls. The room present two unique sides. On the bed side, there is a hole on the top of the bed that functions as headboard and dressing room. On the other side, there is a very capacious wardrobe that has a tv inserted in the shutter and that turns on itself to enable the access to the clothing compartment. Read more

Total black bathroom with out “Drop” sink

mangodesign_bagno_mario - 6

In this project the walls are treated with natural dirt with a detail of black effect in order to further emphasize the lines of our "Drop" sink. The wall becomes movable, sink and container mirror are integrated together.

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A masonry wall and our “Drop” sink


Our "Drop" sink in corian inserted in the draft of this bathroom, where the dark gray resin on the round wall and the white pavement backdrop to this sculpture.

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Bathroom with porphyry details and “Sfacciato” sink

mangodesign_bagno_patty - 1

The protagonist is our "SFACCIATO" sink. The sink top is made with the floor boards, the container mirror is inserted into the wall and surrounded by a hidden LED lightening. Wood, varnish and porphyry set off the porcelains.
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Realisation of two resin bathrooms with “Sfacciato” sink


We present in this occasion our fourth corian sink designed by us: SFACCIATO. The hazel resins, the practical container mirror with LEDs and enlarger, the sink "Sfacciato" and the sharp corners distinguish the bathroom.

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Bathroom with white-silver resin and pink coatings


A "Challenge" bathroom. In a space of 6.00 meter of width and 1.40 meter of length, we were able to insert, thanks to a small niche, a washing machine and sink made of corian.

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Resin bath with warm tones


Bathroom with warm and harmonious shades of brown. The flooring is made of resin with a decorative peacock tail. The resin is also used for the vertical walls of the shower with the addition of glitter, "slate" finish on the other walls. Shower tray in stone.

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Restructuring and creation of a new bathroom with gold resins


This bathroom vertical resins and wood floor are creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The shower wall is characterized by LEDs which illuminate with elegance and discretion. The top is made with the wood of the flooring itself to create continuity. Our sink "SFACCIATO" is the absolute protagonist with its snow-white color, the smooth surface of Corian and its modern design.

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Restructuring of a bathroom with bright resins


A complete restructuring of the two baths using colored resins for both the flooring and for the coating. The walls are characterized by the use of design radiators. Cleaning and regular shapes.

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Bathroom in gold resin with “Sfacciato” sink and Mangodesign accessories

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In this project, the bathroom has refined tones. Embellished by the "Sfacciato" sink, by our accessories in corian and with an opaque white faucet; all of this are creating a vision of continuity. Moreover the two-tone furnishings accentuate the modern design.

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Bathroom with “Sfacciato” sink and dove-grey mosaic

mangodesign_annamax - 34

In this bathroom we have used a very modern irregular dove-grey mosaic and with the help of our Sfacciato.74 sink the environment looks very elegant.

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