Bench in corian and stainless steel


A unique bench made in corian and stainless steel that we produce and set in a kitchen.

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Steel seat with pony coating


We have designed and built a very comfortable and springy design seat, in steel covered with pony coating. To customize depending on color and material.

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A masonry wall and our “Drop” sink


Our "Drop" sink in corian inserted in the draft of this bathroom, where the dark gray resin on the round wall and the white pavement backdrop to this sculpture.

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Mangodesign bathroom accessories

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We are proud to present our line of bathroom accessories realised in corian by craftsmen. They are all available for purchase in the shop area of our website. Read more

Our “Sfacciato” sink

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We present the new washbasin line "Sfacciato". Realizzati in corian sono disponibili in due diverse versioni small e large prenotabili on-line. Premio Open Design 2015

We are introducing the new line of sink "SFACCIATO". Made out of corian they are available in two different size: small and large that can be reserved on-line. Open Design Award 2015

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“Aperificus” table for aperitifs at Muse of Trento


Our table Aperificus inspired by the leaf of "ficus monstera" on display at the Muse. The leaves that elegantly accommodate the glasses can be customized thanks to a wide range of colors. The vessel just as with a logo, a sentence, a drawing.. Ideal for the outdoor use: garden, beach and terrace. Moreover thanks to its design can also embellish an interior space in different houses, bars and restaurants.

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Our “corian” sink


We designed the following washbasins in corian: the Half-Pipe model, the Lavarina, the "Sfacciato" (Open Design Award 2015) and the Drop model. The refined design characterizes all our sinks and makes them unique in its kind. Achieved through numerical control machines and finished all by hand.

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Stainless steel handles “laMani”

mangodesign_maniglie - 10

Handcrafted handles in satin stainless steel, the design of the simple and clean lines and the ergonomics of the handle have made it possible to file the model and design at the patent office. Disponibili nella sezione shop del nostro sito, sia per blindato che per porte da interni.

Handcrafted handles in brushed stainless steel, with a simple and clean lines design and ergonomic grip that allowed to deposit the model and design at the patent office. Available in the shop section of our site, for both armored and interior doors.

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Mangodesign desks


Our desks are made of customized steel and resin according to the effect you want to give: glossy, transparent, colored, glitter...

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Mangodesign lamps


Our lamps "Confidential" and "Zebra" set in two homes that we designed. The lamps are available and customizable on demand.

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