CTE exhibition in Trento 2012

mangodesign_fiera2012 - 1

We presented an all-white matte kitchen with an originality: the throat for the opening of the baskets is also a lacquered white matte and illuminated by LEDs. The official presentation of our bathroom line has got a great success as the decoration of the walls with the digital fresco technique as in the bathroom area and over the top of the kitchen.

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Idee Casa Exhibition – Trento 2013

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Once again this year we participated at the "Fiera Idee Casa" of Trento with our creations. We left a wide space for our new addition, the corian sink. It is a suspended sink characterized by captivating and peculiar shapes, custom designed, futurist but still functional. The other new additions are the "Zebra" design lamp, the corian door with a "daub" effect on the inside and a "wave" effect on the outside and our brushed inox handle that will be soon produced.

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Bolzano fair 2012

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At the Bolzano fair we presented our kitchen with aromatic plants insert in
the top deck and the hood also inserted in the top part of the kitchen.
The upper part of our kitchen opens with a small remote control.

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Triennale del Legno


At the "Triennale del legno" we presented our latest sinks and accessories designed by us and available for purchase on our website. Wood was the protagonist of this event. In fact, the kitchen is characterised by the inserts in 60 years old oak board. Wood and corian are fused together in order to create a very sought-after, warm and exclusive design.

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Domo Exhibition 2015 – Trento

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We dedicated this annual appointment to our bathroom accessory realised in corian and to our "SFACCIATO" sink, designed by us in the same material. Considered the exhibition theme, the agriculture, we could not recall the "farmer life", from wood to hay. The sinks are arranged on wood boards in order to donate warmth to the apartments of the most modern cities. The fluctuating table realised with two oak boards glued together with the plant natural wavy cut, seems to be suspended but it is actually supported by two tempered glasses. The kitchen in "single" version offers anything is needed: from the dishwasher to the wide fridge, oven, induction stove and hood incorporated in the plasterboard to make everything very linear and clean.

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Open Design Event – Italy

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mangodesign_opendesign0Our creation "CHEEKY" sink was selected between 300 candidates to participate in the exhibition Open Design event Italy that was held in Trento. Furthermore, we were awarded and our "CHEEKY" will be displayed in November at the Hungarian Embassy Academy in Rome. "Open Design Italy awards the small self-produced design, with synergy between local designers and artisans.

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“Aperificus” table for aperitifs at Muse of Trento


Our table Aperificus inspired by the leaf of "ficus monstera" on display at the Muse. The leaves that elegantly accommodate the glasses can be customized thanks to a wide range of colors. The vessel just as with a logo, a sentence, a drawing.. Ideal for the outdoor use: garden, beach and terrace. Moreover thanks to its design can also embellish an interior space in different houses, bars and restaurants.

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Exhibition: Home Ideas 2015

mangodesign_ideecasa_2015 - 1

At Idee Casa we presented our new kitchen with larch wood inserts obtained from the recovery of the joists of the roof of an old mill in renovation; building where it will be installed the kitchen itself. We desire to keep the memory in the history of the place where we intervened and the attention to new materials. We reused the timber elements combined with the solid surface in matt white acrylic in order to characterize the theme of old and new, past and present, together to close the gap. A detail on the island is the pink Himalayan salt plate to flavor the foods.

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Aperitif tableAperiFicus

mangodesign_ideecasa_2015 - 14

We presented our "AperiFicus", the cocktails table at Idee Casa 2015. The name and the inspiration derived from the plant "ficus monstera" of which we have reproduced the leaves. It can be placed both inside and outside, creating a cocktail corner in your home or an excellent solution for businesses. The practical bowl maintains the temperature of the bottle, ensuring a fresh and lively cheers! The vessel and the leaves can be personalized in various colors.

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