Gardens and terraces

Spruce pine sculpture

mangodesign_architettura - 2

Fruit of the landslide of Campolongo (Baselga di Pine) in August 2010.
A huge spruce pine has been cut down and was ready to become something else
(furniture, firewood?). It would have been a pity! It has now been located,
with many difficulties of transport and anchoring systems, in the garden as a real
sculpture as it is...

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A glimpse of the Duomo of Trento



It comes to life the first terrace branded Mangodesign! It located in Trento's historic center overlooking the city. The landscape that surrounds it is represented through the use of wood so that the viewer has the impression of being on the highest point of Trento and space with a 360-degree look.

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“Aperificus” table for aperitifs at Muse of Trento


Our table Aperificus inspired by the leaf of "ficus monstera" on display at the Muse. The leaves that elegantly accommodate the glasses can be customized thanks to a wide range of colors. The vessel just as with a logo, a sentence, a drawing.. Ideal for the outdoor use: garden, beach and terrace. Moreover thanks to its design can also embellish an interior space in different houses, bars and restaurants.

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