Corian kitchen with grey details and colourful LEDs

mangodesign_kitchen_mario - 3

We projected a new idea of kitchen with oblique cuts on the corian sides in order to make the kitchen lighter. In this realisation our highlight - the suspension - in enhanced thanks to the LED lights.

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Total white kitchen with equipped corian aisle

mangodesign_kitchen_antonio - 1

For the first time, in this kitchen you will find our equipped aisle behind the sink completely in corian, including the three cutting boards, the compartment for placing glasses and cups after they have been washed and the compartment for the dishes. The kitchen in white milk corian is suspended by visible rectangular batons that give a sense of lightness.

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In line kitchen with table and bench in corian


Realization of a kitchen in line with an aluminum stand table and bench, all made out in a pure white corian.

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Corian kitchen with a peninsula andups and downs


A crystal plate supports the peninsula kitchen. Top in white corian, drawers and baskets in white acrylic with automatic opening. Base container equipped with electric latch mechanism with concealed compartment to stay appliances, where they are always ready for use. Walls made of resin with "slate" finish.

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Kitchen with bench and table realised with flooring slats


In this project, the wood flooring slats marks continuos lines creating the bench and the table. Warm and sovereigns colours sweeten the home living. The kitchen features a laminated material on the external part and present a white inside of the working area. This kitchen is different from what we are used to create and it distinguishes itself for its peculiar aspect. Read more

Corian kitchen with green trim emerald


We made a new kitchen in corian, with finishes and details in a vibrant green.

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Corian kitchen with central island

mangodesign_cucina_patty - 2

The kitchen spaces are characterized by white corian, warm wood and grey resins. A central majestic block with flames, hood and hidden multi socket. On the side, the kitchen is suspended while the columns coming from the ground host a very capacious double fridge. Read more

Corian and acrylic dove gray kitchen with stone table


Kitchen with corian top, shutters and fronts in acrylic dove gray and automatic opening system. The natural stone laminate table contrasts everything.

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Corian kitchen with electrical appliances compartment


For this kitchen and eating area we thought about a new compartment for electrical appliances, very handy as it can be completely closed when not needed, giving a feeling of order and tidiness. Another compartment was made in order to insert completely the scale into the corian top.

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Corian and white acrylic kitchen


Kitchen peninsula with white Corian top, shutters and fronts in white acrylic with a groove slot opening.

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Corian kitchen with oak table

mangodesign_346_ trento

Kitchen realised with corian top and front in laminated material. The warmth of a 60 years old oak board with a 5 cm thickness engraves into the corian and shapes the surface where food is consumed.

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Living area renovation and new kitchen in corian


Kitchen in corian totally suspended, in the entire project the warmth colours are favoured in contrast with the purity of the colour white. The table in the living area is realised with the same slabs proposed in the pavement routed with a food plaster. The bench in acrylic wraps the table and makes the area very comfortable.

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Renovation and new kitchen in laminated material and corian


Total renovation of the apartment with a suspended kitchen in corian and laminated material. The walls supporting the kitchen are in wood lacquered in opaque white.

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Renovation and new kitchen in corian and wood


In this kitchen realised in corian it is easy to notice the utility of the equipped aisle designed with the same material and also the brightness of the green, the colour used for the accessory and the stools. A transparent glass supports the peninsula and the table. The protagonist is the digital fresco, a postcard with a stylised tree that reclaims the same green of the details and reinforces the kitchen theme.

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Kitchen entirely suspended with contrast LED


Top made out of corian, doors in white acrylic, automatic opening drawers and baskets.
Table with real stone veneer and support in corian. LED lighting strips
under the stage to give a feeling of voluptuousness.

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Corian kitchen with oak inserts


Kitchen made of Corian with an insert made out of oak. The ceiling fan, in its sole discretion, makes a cleaner environment. The table made by the floorboards gives character and originality to the environment.

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Corian and essence kitchen


In this kitchen, made of Corian and wood, the peninsula is suspended on the glass that sustains it discreetly. The small appliances compartment allows order and convenience. The gas cooktop is the protagonist along with the wine cellar for 64 bottles, only for true connoisseurs.

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Kitchen in corian with fuchsia resin

mangodesign_cucina_fucsia - 1

In this kitchen in white corian we gave a touch of color, the result? Very feminine and stylish!

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