CTE exhibition in Trento 2012

mangodesign_fiera2012 - 1

We presented an all-white matte kitchen with an originality: the throat for the opening of the baskets is also a lacquered white matte and illuminated by LEDs. The official presentation of our bathroom line has got a great success as the decoration of the walls with the digital fresco technique as in the bathroom area and over the top of the kitchen.

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Complete renovation and decor of a city center attic


Complete renovation of an attic with terrace in the heart of Trento. The iron and resin stair becomes a sculpture, the corian kitchen reinforces the idea of the absolute white thanks to its elements. The upper floor glass windows of the bedroom and bathroom open up the view on the roofs of the city center, the spaces are open with discretion.

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Spruce pine sculpture

mangodesign_architettura - 2

Fruit of the landslide of Campolongo (Baselga di Pine) in August 2010.
A huge spruce pine has been cut down and was ready to become something else
(furniture, firewood?). It would have been a pity! It has now been located,
with many difficulties of transport and anchoring systems, in the garden as a real
sculpture as it is...

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Idee Casa Exhibition – Trento 2013

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mangodesign_unica13 - 4

Once again this year we participated at the "Fiera Idee Casa" of Trento with our creations. We left a wide space for our new addition, the corian sink. It is a suspended sink characterized by captivating and peculiar shapes, custom designed, futurist but still functional. The other new additions are the "Zebra" design lamp, the corian door with a "daub" effect on the inside and a "wave" effect on the outside and our brushed inox handle that will be soon produced.

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Renovation, new furniture and new stairwell

mangodesign_ristrutturazione_gabriella - 1

The challenge was to make sure that the entrance and the communal stairwell,
common to two apartments become the welcoming entrance and also the internal
staircase of an apartment on two levels. The result has been achieved by revising
and expanding the spaces with breccias in the stairwell walls, with the replacement of the
the parapet of the existing staircase, with the rehabilitating of the floor finishes
and the walls, moreover the creation of a new living room with a fireplace and TV
corner. Everything made with the use of resins, lights and rounded elements that
unite the spaces.

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Renovation and furnishings of the interior design living area with a new loft

mango design

Renovation of the living area with teak flooring, dove gray resins heat the
environment and the excavation of the beams gives more light to the area.
Study of the stairwell "condominium" that joins the two apartments, sleeping and
living area. We tried to make the stairwell like it was designed for a single
apartment on two levels, by also constructing a loft that serves as a studio.
The lamp Zebra with an opposed
angle, designed and built by us, characterizes the
central pillar decorated by beautiful planter.

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Duplexes in Levico Terme

mangodesign_levico - 1

First class duplexes realised by us with the support of our trustworthy artisans. They are located only 100 meters from the center of Levico but they are surrounded by green and harmonized by the music of the creek. Of four units, one is still available. In the gallery you will find some examples of interior decorating designed by us.

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Resin bathroom with our “Lavarina” sink

mangodesign_bagno_luca - 7

Thanks to this monolithic, very relaxing and homogenous effect, it is possible to notice the continuity of the resin. The protagonist of the project is our second sink inspired to an old-style sink but, of course, revisited here in a modern key. Sharp and very pronounced cuts set up the bathroom and are the main features.

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Total white kitchen with equipped corian aisle

mangodesign_kitchen_antonio - 1

For the first time, in this kitchen you will find our equipped aisle behind the sink completely in corian, including the three cutting boards, the compartment for placing glasses and cups after they have been washed and the compartment for the dishes. The kitchen in white milk corian is suspended by visible rectangular batons that give a sense of lightness.

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Renovation, sleeping area decor and resin and teak bathroom

mango design

For this integral renovation we decided to use wood teak also in the bathroom. Radiators with an innovative design decorate the sleeping area and in the bathroom, two iron beams release heat standing out from the crystallized dark grey of the walls. The room present two unique sides. On the bed side, there is a hole on the top of the bed that functions as headboard and dressing room. On the other side, there is a very capacious wardrobe that has a tv inserted in the shutter and that turns on itself to enable the access to the clothing compartment. Read more

Corian kitchen with a peninsula andups and downs


A crystal plate supports the peninsula kitchen. Top in white corian, drawers and baskets in white acrylic with automatic opening. Base container equipped with electric latch mechanism with concealed compartment to stay appliances, where they are always ready for use. Walls made of resin with "slate" finish.

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Kitchen with bench and table realised with flooring slats


In this project, the wood flooring slats marks continuos lines creating the bench and the table. Warm and sovereigns colours sweeten the home living. The kitchen features a laminated material on the external part and present a white inside of the working area. This kitchen is different from what we are used to create and it distinguishes itself for its peculiar aspect. Read more

Stone and steel table


A special table where the structure is embedded in the floor. Five thin blades in the shape of "7", were mold in a continuous way with the laser from a sheet of 20mm thick steel. "Floating": suspended as if by magic.

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Corian kitchen with central island

mangodesign_cucina_patty - 2

The kitchen spaces are characterized by white corian, warm wood and grey resins. A central majestic block with flames, hood and hidden multi socket. On the side, the kitchen is suspended while the columns coming from the ground host a very capacious double fridge. Read more

Bolzano fair 2012

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At the Bolzano fair we presented our kitchen with aromatic plants insert in
the top deck and the hood also inserted in the top part of the kitchen.
The upper part of our kitchen opens with a small remote control.

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Corian kitchen with electrical appliances compartment


For this kitchen and eating area we thought about a new compartment for electrical appliances, very handy as it can be completely closed when not needed, giving a feeling of order and tidiness. Another compartment was made in order to insert completely the scale into the corian top.

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Triennale del Legno


At the "Triennale del legno" we presented our latest sinks and accessories designed by us and available for purchase on our website. Wood was the protagonist of this event. In fact, the kitchen is characterised by the inserts in 60 years old oak board. Wood and corian are fused together in order to create a very sought-after, warm and exclusive design.

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Living area renovation and new kitchen in corian


Kitchen in corian totally suspended, in the entire project the warmth colours are favoured in contrast with the purity of the colour white. The table in the living area is realised with the same slabs proposed in the pavement routed with a food plaster. The bench in acrylic wraps the table and makes the area very comfortable.

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Advertising agency office

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mangodesign_283_trentoNew location for the Tandem Advertising agency. 130.00 mq of walkable area. The floor is entirely made of resin with different tones: dark gray, light gray and white with silver decoration and pearl. A unique surface and decorated without interruption and leaks. bathroom walls made of resin with custom finish. In the reception, for suspended work desk, a steel structure specially designed and built. The surfaces were treated with added glitter transparent resins.

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Renovation and new kitchen in corian and wood


In this kitchen realised in corian it is easy to notice the utility of the equipped aisle designed with the same material and also the brightness of the green, the colour used for the accessory and the stools. A transparent glass supports the peninsula and the table. The protagonist is the digital fresco, a postcard with a stylised tree that reclaims the same green of the details and reinforces the kitchen theme.

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Resin bath with warm tones


Bathroom with warm and harmonious shades of brown. The flooring is made of resin with a decorative peacock tail. The resin is also used for the vertical walls of the shower with the addition of glitter, "slate" finish on the other walls. Shower tray in stone.

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Living area renovation with our lamp “Reserved”


Not-perpendicular cuts and gazes are the main features of the living room, the light and the warmth of the fireplace contrast our lamp "riservata" which disappears, when it is turned off, into the wall leaving only a circle in the half-light. The light and suspended table is built with the wood slats of the sleeping area flooring. Read more

Mangodesign bathroom accessories

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We are proud to present our line of bathroom accessories realised in corian by craftsmen. They are all available for purchase in the shop area of our website. Read more

Domo Exhibition 2015 – Trento

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We dedicated this annual appointment to our bathroom accessory realised in corian and to our "SFACCIATO" sink, designed by us in the same material. Considered the exhibition theme, the agriculture, we could not recall the "farmer life", from wood to hay. The sinks are arranged on wood boards in order to donate warmth to the apartments of the most modern cities. The fluctuating table realised with two oak boards glued together with the plant natural wavy cut, seems to be suspended but it is actually supported by two tempered glasses. The kitchen in "single" version offers anything is needed: from the dishwasher to the wide fridge, oven, induction stove and hood incorporated in the plasterboard to make everything very linear and clean.

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New location and showroom for Afis in Trento

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We realised the new location and the showroom of one of the most important wholesalers of bathroom furniture and thermal sanitary material of northern Italy. We tried to represent the colours and the materials of the land from Trentino; in fact, a green field with paths of porphyry and iron guides the beneficiaries into the visit of the exhibition. The skyline of the walls with their splits and faceting also retraces the Adige valley.

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Open Design Event – Italy

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mangodesign_opendesign0Our creation "CHEEKY" sink was selected between 300 candidates to participate in the exhibition Open Design event Italy that was held in Trento. Furthermore, we were awarded and our "CHEEKY" will be displayed in November at the Hungarian Embassy Academy in Rome. "Open Design Italy awards the small self-produced design, with synergy between local designers and artisans.

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Our “Sfacciato” sink

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We present the new washbasin line "Sfacciato". Realizzati in corian sono disponibili in due diverse versioni small e large prenotabili on-line. Premio Open Design 2015

We are introducing the new line of sink "SFACCIATO". Made out of corian they are available in two different size: small and large that can be reserved on-line. Open Design Award 2015

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Restructuring and creation of a new bathroom with gold resins


This bathroom vertical resins and wood floor are creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The shower wall is characterized by LEDs which illuminate with elegance and discretion. The top is made with the wood of the flooring itself to create continuity. Our sink "SFACCIATO" is the absolute protagonist with its snow-white color, the smooth surface of Corian and its modern design.

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