cucina in corian

CTE exhibition in Trento 2012

mangodesign_fiera2012 - 1

We presented an all-white matte kitchen with an originality: the throat for the opening of the baskets is also a lacquered white matte and illuminated by LEDs. The official presentation of our bathroom line has got a great success as the decoration of the walls with the digital fresco technique as in the bathroom area and over the top of the kitchen.

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Complete renovation and decor of a city center attic


Complete renovation of an attic with terrace in the heart of Trento. The iron and resin stair becomes a sculpture, the corian kitchen reinforces the idea of the absolute white thanks to its elements. The upper floor glass windows of the bedroom and bathroom open up the view on the roofs of the city center, the spaces are open with discretion.

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Renovation and furniture of the living room with sharp lines


For this apartment we used warm and cold colors for the coatings,
for plasterboard curves and sharp lines. Everything is contrasted with an unusual

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Idee Casa Exhibition – Trento 2013

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mangodesign_unica13 - 4

Once again this year we participated at the “Fiera Idee Casa” of Trento with our creations. We left a wide space for our new addition, the corian sink. It is a suspended sink characterized by captivating and peculiar shapes, custom designed, futurist but still functional. The other new additions are the “Zebra” design lamp, the corian door with a “daub” effect on the inside and a “wave” effect on the outside and our brushed inox handle that will be soon produced.

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In line kitchen with table and bench in corian


Realization of a kitchen in line with an aluminum stand table and bench, all made out in a pure white corian.

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Corian kitchen with a peninsula and “ups and downs”


A crystal plate supports the peninsula kitchen. Top in white corian, drawers and baskets in white acrylic with automatic opening. Base container equipped with electric latch mechanism with concealed compartment to stay appliances, where they are always ready for use. Walls made of resin with “slate” finish.

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Corian kitchen with electrical appliances compartment


For this kitchen and eating area we thought about a new compartment for electrical appliances, very handy as it can be completely closed when not needed, giving a feeling of order and tidiness. Another compartment was made in order to insert completely the scale into the corian top.

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Renovation and new kitchen in corian and wood


In this kitchen realised in corian it is easy to notice the utility of the equipped aisle designed with the same material and also the brightness of the green, the colour used for the accessory and the stools. A transparent glass supports the peninsula and the table. The protagonist is the digital fresco, a postcard with a stylised tree that reclaims the same green of the details and reinforces the kitchen theme.

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Domo Exhibition 2015 – Trento

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We dedicated this annual appointment to our bathroom accessory realised in corian and to our “SFACCIATO” sink, designed by us in the same material. Considered the exhibition theme, the agriculture, we could not recall the “farmer life”, from wood to hay. The sinks are arranged on wood boards in order to donate warmth to the apartments of the most modern cities. The fluctuating table realised with two oak boards glued together with the plant natural wavy cut, seems to be suspended but it is actually supported by two tempered glasses. The kitchen in “single” version offers anything is needed: from the dishwasher to the wide fridge, oven, induction stove and hood incorporated in the plasterboard to make everything very linear and clean.

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Customised renovation and decor of a two-bedrooms apartment organised on two floors

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Customised renewed and furnished two-bedrooms attic in Mattarello (TN). Resins and wood flooring are the protagonists. A bright stripe obtained in the ceiling lights up the daily area. The steel stair covered in white resin becomes a sculpture further emphasized by the play of the light. The two bathrooms perfectly fit with both the inner and outer environment thanks to the warm and bright colour of the resins. Every detail is taken care of as the obtained spaces were deeply studied in order to show only the essential. The created environment is tidy, relaxing and very harmonious.

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Corian kitchen with oak inserts


Kitchen made of Corian with an insert made out of oak. The ceiling fan, in its sole discretion, makes a cleaner environment. The table made by the floorboards gives character and originality to the environment.

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Kitchen in corian with fuchsia resin

mangodesign_cucina_fucsia - 1

In this kitchen in white corian we gave a touch of color, the result? Very feminine and stylish!

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Double kitchen

mangodesign_cucina mk - 3

In this project, given the wide spaces and the passion for the kitchen, we realized one year later, a double kitchen with plates and induction burners. The practical “ups and downs” hides appliances that thanks to the remote control appear like magic when needed. The doors are in corian modeled with a texture that we invented with a soft effect. The columns are totally suspended and detached from the wall, seem to float in space.

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Restructuring and tailor-made furniture of a flat

mangodesign_mattarello piano terra - 1

Two rooms on two floors renovated with measure furnished. The kitchen is in white corian while for the table we used the same floor plates present in the living room. The steel staircase covered with white resin transforms into a convenient library, accompanies us on the top floor illuminated by shafts of light from the ceiling. Resins, wood floors and light further characterize the renovation of the property and the furniture project.

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Restructuring in flash


We demolished, renovated and furnished the entire living area, bathroom included, in just 21 days. A flash site carefully tended, from the digital affresco in the living room and in the kitchen, to the lamp of our invention made of fabric that lights up the dining room table. Furniture with effect stripes give a modern twist, the kitchen in white corian wins a large space of the living area bounded by two sliding glass doors that create greater intimacy.

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Ristrutturazione di un appartamento con cucina “total white” ed arredi su misura

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cucina kitchen mangodesign

Per questa ristrutturazione abbiamo utilizzato resine bianche per le pareti della zona giorno e del bagno. La cucina in corian e gli elettrodomestici “total white” rendono l’ambiente molto luminoso. La parete in cartongesso che abbiamo ideato nella stanza da letto è valorizzata dalle luci led. Il bagno completamente in resina dà un senso di continuità e pulizia all’ambiente. Le forme ricercate riprodotte sul soffitto firmano l’intero progetto. Read more

Exhibition: Idee Casa 2015

mangodesign_ideecasa_2015 - 1

At Idee Casa we presented our new kitchen with larch wood inserts obtained from the recovery of the joists of the roof of an old mill in renovation; building where it will be installed the kitchen itself. We desire to keep the memory in the history of the place where we intervened and the attention to new materials. We reused the timber elements combined with the solid surface in matt white acrylic in order to characterize the theme of old and new, past and present, together to close the gap. A detail on the island is the pink Himalayan salt plate to flavor the foods.

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