Io Casa 2016 – Riva del Garda

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At the Io Casa event we previewed our kitchen with the point "G", a real innovation in the kitchen, just patented. Specifically, a clean worktop where you can activate the various functions by touching it with your hand: the vegetable washes with the various automatic washing cycles, the scale with tare function, the countdown and finally the convenience of being able to read and browse the recipes (and not only!) directly from the kitchen top. Curious? Watch our Facebook videos dedicated to each function. Another novelty is our washbasin "Juglans" with soft lines and silky to the touch.

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Open Design Event in Italy

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mangodesign_opendesign0Our creation of the sink called SFACCIATO was selected among 300 applicants to participate in the exhibition event of Open Design Italy which was held in Trento. We were also awarded and in November our SFACCIATO will be on display at the Hungarian Embassy Academy in Rome. "Open Design Italy rewards the self-made design of small series, with synergy between designers and craftsmen of the area."

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Corian and wood kitchen


In this kitchen made of Corian and wood, the peninsula is suspended on the glass that supports it with discretion. The compartment for small appliances allows for order and ease of use. The gas hob is the protagonist together with the wine cellar from 64 bottles, for true connoisseurs.

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Aperificus Mangodesign aperitif tables

Aperificus aperitif table

Aperificus, aperitif table is inspired by the leaf of the "ficus monstera". The leaves that elegantly welcome the glasses are customizable thanks to a wide range of colors. The vase equally with a brand, a phrase, a drawing.. Ideal for outdoor use: garden, beach, terrace, thanks to its design it can also embellish an interior space in homes, bar, restaurants. Available in various outdoor and indoor versions.

For prices and information: Contattaci

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Restyling of the Saòre restaurant in Malcesine


We took care of the restyling of the new Saòre restaurant of the Hotel Venezia in Malcesine. As if by magic, everything turns upside down, the ceiling takes the shape of the beach and the lake with its shades of color, the briccole emerge among the waves and the wooden walkway allows us to walk with our head down.. The image of the Castle of Malcesine prevails over a contrast of colors. On the terrace you can savor the culinary delicacies suspended over the lake.

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Renovation of an apartment with kitchen “total white” and custom-made furnishings

cucina kitchen mangodesign

For this renovation we used white resins for the walls of the living area and the bathroom. The Corian kitchen and appliances "total white" make the environment very bright. The plasterboard wall that we have created in the bedroom is enhanced by the LED lights. The completely resin bathroom gives a sense of continuity and cleanliness to the environment. The refined shapes reproduced on the ceiling sign the entire project. Read more

Lightning renovation


We demolished, renovated and furnished to measure the entire living area, bathroom included, in just 21 days. A lightning site with attention to the smallest details, from the digital fresco in the living room and in the kitchen, to the lamp of our invention made of fabric that illuminates the living room table. The zebra-effect furniture gives a modern touch, the white corian kitchen conquers a large space of the living area bordered by two sliding glass doors that create greater intimacy.

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LaMani maniglie Mangodesign

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Handcrafted handles in satin stainless steel, the design of the simple and clean lines and the ergonomics of the handle have made it possible to file the model and design at the patent office. Available for both armored and interior doors. For prices and information: Contattaci Read more

Scrivanie Mangodesign

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Our desks are made of steel and resin customized according to the effect you want to give: shiny, transparent, colored, glitter. For prices and information: Contattaci

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Restructuring and bespoke furnishing of a two-bedroom

mangodesign_mattarello ground floor - 1

Two-storey bedrooms renovated and furnished to measure. The kitchen is in white Corian while the same floor plates used in the living area were used for the table. The steel staircase covered with white resin turns into a useful bookcase and takes us to the upper floor illuminated by the light cuts in the ceiling. Resine, parquet and plays of light further characterize the renovation of the building and the furnishing project.

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The double kitchen

mangodesign_cucina mk - 3

In this project, given the wide spaces and the passion for cooking, after one year we built a double kitchen with induction hobs and burners. The practical "go up and down" hides the appliances that, thanks to the remote control, appear as if by magic when they are used. The doors are in Corian modeled with a texture invented by us with a soft effect. The columns are totally suspended and detached from the wall, they seem to float in space.

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Home Ideas 2015

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mangodesign_ideecasa_2015 - 1

On the occasion of Idee Casa we presented our new kitchen with larch wood inserts obtained from the recovery of the roof beams of an old mill under renovation, building in which the kitchen itself will be installed. With the desire to keep the memory and the history of the place where we intervened and the attention to new materials, wooden elements were reused combined with solid surface and opaque white acrylic in order to characterize the theme of the "old and new, past and present, together to shorten distances". A detail on the island is the plate of pink Himalayan salt to flavor the food. Read more

Corian kitchen with oak inserts


Kitchen made of Corian with an oak insert in the island. The ceiling hood, in its total discretion, makes the environment cleaner, the table made with the floorboards gives character and originality to the environment.

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A glimpse of the Trento Cathedral



The first Mangodesign branded terrace comes to life! Located in the historic center of Trento, it dominates the city. The landscape that surrounds it is represented through the use of wood so that the observer has the impression of being on the highest point of Trento and wandering around with a 360 ° gaze. Read more


mangodesign_architettura - 1

Le architetture nella nostra filosofia sono uniche e volte al ciclo naturale della vita, al risparmio energetico ed al rispetto per l’ambiente.

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Restructuring and bespoke furnishing of a two-bedroom apartment on two levels


Bicamere mansardato a Mattarello (TN) ristrutturato ed arredato su misura. Resine e parquet sono le rifiniture protagoniste. Una striscia luminosa ricavata nel soffitto illumina con discrezione la zona giorno. La scala in acciaio rivestita con resina bianca diventa una scultura messa ancora più in risalto da un gioco di luci. The two bathrooms are in tone with the whole internal and external environment thanks to the warm and bright color of the resins. Everything in its place thanks to the spaces created and designed to make only the essential appear. The created environment is ordered, rilassante e molto armonioso.

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Evento Open Design Italia

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mangodesign_opendesign0La nostra creazione lavabo SFACCIATO è stata selezionata fra 300 candidati per partecipare alla mostra evento Open Design Italia che si è tenuta a Trento. We have also been awarded and in November our SFACCIATO will be on display at the Academy of the Hungarian Embassy in Rome.. "Open Design Italia premia il design autoprodotto di piccola serie, con sinergia tra designer ed artigiani del territorio”.

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Nuova sede e showroom per Afis a Trento

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We have created the new headquarters and showroom of one of the most important wholesalers of bathroom furniture and thermo-sanitary material in northern Italy. Si è cercato di mantenere i colori ed i materiali della terra trentina, infatti un verde prato, con percorsi di porfido e ferro, accompanies the visitors on their visit to the exhibition. Even the skyline of the walls with their cracks and facets traces the Adige valley.

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Fiera Domo 2015 Trento

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We have dedicated this annual appointment to our bathroom accessories made of Corian and the Sfacciato washbasin, da noi progettati nello stesso materiale. Visto il tema della fiera, agriculture, non potevano mancare dei richiami alla "vita contadina" dal legno al fieno. I lavabi sono posizionati su delle assi di legno dando calore agli appartamenti delle più moderne città. Il tavolo fluttuante realizzato con due assi di rovere incollate tra loro con il taglio naturale ondulato della pianta, sembra sospeso, in realtà è sostenuto da un gioco di 2 vetri temperati. La cucina in versione "single" non si fa mancare nulla: from the dishwasher to the large fridge, forno, fuochi ad induzione e cappa incorporata nel cartongesso per rendere tutto molto lineare e pulito.

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Renovation and new kitchen in Corian and wood


In questa cucina realizzata in corian, you can see the usefulness of the aisle made with the same material and the brightness of the green, colore adottato per gli accessori e gli sgabelli. Un vetro extra chiaro sostiene la penisola ed il tavolo. The digital fresco is the protagonist, una cartolina con un albero stilizzato che riprende lo stesso verde dei particolari e rafforza il tema della cucina.

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Renovation and new bathroom with gold resins


In this bathroom the vertical resins and the wooden floor make the atmosphere warm and welcoming. La parete della doccia è caratterizzata dai led che illuminano con eleganza e discrezione. Il top è realizzato con lo stesso legno della pavimentazione per creare continuità. Il nostro lavabo "SFACCIATO" è il protagonista in assoluto grazie al suo colore bianco candido, la superficie liscia del corian ed il suo design moderno.

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Triennale del Legno


At the Triennale del Legno we presented our latest washbasins and accessories designed by us for sale also on our website. Protagonista di questo evento il legno, in fact the kitchen is characterized by the inserts in the oak axis of 60 anni. Legno e corian si fondono e creano un design molto ricercato, caldo ed esclusivo.

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Corian kitchen with oak table

mangodesign_346_ trento

Cucina realizzata con top in corian e frontali in laminato materico. The warmth of an oak plank of 60 anni spessa 5 cm is carved in Corian and forms the surface where the dishes are consumed.

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Corian kitchen with appliances compartment


For this kitchen and dining area we have thought of a new very comfortable appliance compartment that closes completely if necessary, giving a sense of order and cleanliness.. A compartment also for the flush insertion of the scale on the Corian top.

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Corian kitchen with central island

mangodesign_cucina_patty - 2

Bianco corian, legno caldo e resine grigie caratterizzano gli spazi di questa cucina. An imposing central block with fires, concealed hood and multi-socket. On the side, the kitchen is suspended while the columns on the ground house a very large double fridge. Read more

Renovation, soppalco, desk and bookcase


Another nice challenge between lightness and static ... Acciaio, tiranti per legno, vetri portanti che sostengono la scala e perni a muro. Self-leveling resins and enamels decorate the whole. Libreria su misura in acciaio e verniciatura in smalto colorato. Scrivania in acciaio spazzolato, resinata per non avvertire il freddo del ferro.

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Kitchen with bench and table made with the slats of the flooring

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In questo nostro progetto le doghe di legno della pavimentazione segnano linee continue formando la panca ed il tavolo. Colori caldi, sovrani, ammorbidiscono il vivere in casa. La cucina con un laminato materico sulla parte esterna ed il bianco verso l’interno dell’area lavoro si caratterizzano in modo diverso dal nostro solito operare. Read more

Renovation, bedroom and bathroom furniture in resin and teak

mango design

For this complete renovation we have also provided teak wood in the bathroom. Innovative design radiators furnish the sleeping area and in the bathroom two beams give off heat, highlighting the crystallized dark gray color of the walls. The bedroom has a wing that acts as a headboard on one side and a dressing room on the other and a very large wardrobe in which the TV is inserted., and to access the knitwear compartment, rotates on itself. Read more

Total black bathroom with our Goccia washbasin

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mangodesign_bagno_mario - 6

In this project the walls have been treated with natural earth with a black travertine effect finish making the lines of our Goccia washbasin stand out even more.. The wall becomes mobile, lavabo e specchio contenitore tutto integrato.

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Total white kitchen with aisle equipped in Corian

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mangodesign_kitchen_antonio - 1

Per la prima volta in questa cucina trovate la nostra corsia attrezzata dietro al lavello tutta completamente in corian compreso i 3 taglieri, il vano per riporre bicchieri e tazzine appena lavati e lo scomparto per i piatti. Cucina in corian bianco latte, sospesa da listelli rettangolari ben visibili ma che nello stesso tempo danno un senso di leggerezza alla cucina.

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Resin bathroom with our Lavarina washbasin

mangodesign_bagno_luca - 7

Thanks to this very relaxing and homogeneous monolithic effect, the continuity of the resin is noted. The protagonist is the project of our second washbasin inspired by the lavarin of the past but obviously revisited in an ultra-modern key. Tagli spigolosi e ben marcati allestiscono il bagno e lo caratterizzano.

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