Bagno con doccia in krion

Un bagno in krion e legno con dei tagli particolari. A crack in the flooring lights up and creates an atmosphere while the shower walls are welded to the flooring in order to create a single body. The bathroom cabinet, bold color, is characterized by our strong lines.

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Suspended kitchen in krion

This kitchen, that we have made, it is completely suspended and all in the same material, the krion. The mirror, which divides the two parallelepipeds of the island, reflects the surrounding space that seems to be part of the kitchen itself as well as giving lightness. In the drawers we have placed our Impulso cutlery holder.

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Living room with tv cabinet in krion

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We have customized the living area of ​​this villa with the design and construction of a tv cabinet in krion and lacquered wood characterized by a very minimal design that combines the use of light with simple geometric shapes.

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Oak table with turntable


For the realization of this table we were inspired by the convivial lunches of China. The turntable positioned in the center of the table allows you to draw from the various dishes at your discretion. Set in a kitchen designed for a stube, it is made entirely of oak. The use of the whole plant, complete with sapwood and heartwood and its natural course, characterize the design of the table.

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Krion kitchen with oak inserts

In this kitchen, made for a stube, the wooden details and the gas burners that come out directly from the Krion top stand out. The tones and materials reflect the environment inspired by nature and well-being. To complete it all, we have created a very convivial table..

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Flash renovation and furnishing of the living area

A new challenge: renovation of the living area during the Christmas period with custom-made furniture. The kitchen is embellished with oak and quartzite inserts, with cuts that form angular geometries and matching appliances. Our system for aromatic plants, the retractable battery charger on the top and our cutlery tray "Impulse" complete the work. Read more

Flash renovation and bathroom furniture

A new challenge: renovation of the living area during the Christmas period with custom-made furniture. Oro, essence, krion and gray / blue resins make the environment elegant. Our design and our creations are unmistakable, from the sink "Sfacciato" to the lamp "Reserved".

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Impulso portaposate Mangodesign

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"Impulse" is our newest patent, a modular cutlery tray with an attractive design previewed at Sicam 2018, international fair of Pordenone. Our idea is that when you open the kitchen drawer you will experience a feeling of well-being, released by colors, the materials used and the order.

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Krion kitchen with wooden inserts

For this renovation, design and supply of furnishings we have given ample space to the kitchen. The wooden inserts give warmth to the cold tones chosen for the furnishing of the living area. The spacious Krion top with a peninsula suspended on glass is very practical, for true cooking enthusiasts..

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Juglans for Mangodesign

Our most recent creation in the wash basin sector is the Juglans. The name and its design are reminiscent of the walnut shell. Practical and clean, it stands out for its soft lines, velvety to the touch, it is made of krion. For prices and information: Contattaci

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A villa and its exterior at night

For this villa we have also taken care of the external part. Huge slabs of porphyry characterize the entrance while the fence has been customized according to the landscape. The gardens have been designed to bloom in all seasons. Well-designed lighting enhances the architectural elements causing harmony and poetry.

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Wellness area

In this villa we have created a wellness area inspired by nature: with a rock veneer and fragrant layers of hay, flowers and lavender we have recreated the mountains and used pine wood to cover the bench and the whirlpool. The backlit panel depicting the forest changes color according to the seasons.

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Bathroom with sink and Mangodesign accessories

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For the bathroom in the master bedroom of this villa we used very particular mosaics combined with wood. The opaque white of the Sfacciato and our accessories stands out in the warm and harmonious environment. The shower head in the shower lights up when the water flows. Read more

Bedroom with fifth


In the master bedroom of this villa the bed is the protagonist. A wing makes the spaces even more tidy and intimate and conceals the entrance to the private bathroom.

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The porch “illuminated”

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In the design of this villa, a convivial and comfortable space to live in any season of the year could not be missing. The designed ceiling lighting and the side of the cabinet with the same motif characterize the environment.

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Powder resin bathroom with sink “Sfacciato”

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For the bathroom in the living area of ​​this villa we have thought of delicate shades: face powder, dove gray and opaque white, thus obtaining a very soft atmosphere. Il nostro lavabo "Sfacciato", the cabinet in the niche made with wood and steel and our bathroom accessories complete the environment.

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The interactive kitchen


In this villa, where we took care of the entire interior and exterior project, our interactive kitchen could not be missing, patented. Sophisticated design combines with technology: the food is weighed directly on the kitchen top where it is also possible to activate the function "count down". Recipes or any web page are displayed on the top next to the fires. The vegetable washer inserted in the top performs the washing automatically. The appliance door compartment with motorized technical curtain hides the robots ready and comfortable for use. Read more

Zona living con mobile wine bar

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For this villa, where we took care of the entire interior and exterior project, we have created a living area with elements that make it unique: our lamp "Jungle" placed on the pillar, the play of light, the strips on the ceiling and the wine bar cabinet. The shades of powder, lilac and dove gray affirm the feminine touch in the choice of colors.

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Wardrobe “sound”


In the design of this villa we have given ample space to the imagination by creating furnishings with a refined design and unique functionality. This is the case with this wardrobe "sound"...

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Entrance bathroom “nature”

mangodesign_bagno_nature_1In the entrance of this villa, where we took care of the entire interior and exterior project, a service bathroom with natural tones could not be missing. In the context we have inserted the soap dispenser signed Mangodesign. Read more

Entrance “green”


For this villa, where we took care of the entire interior and exterior project, we have created an entrance "green". Innovative ideas and materials materialize in this environment, creating harmony and well-being. Sounds, perfumes, sensations and colors enhance the senses. Read more

Wine bar corner


For this villa, where we took care of the entire interior and exterior project, we have created a wine bar corner inspired by an iceberg. The proposed design refreshes the view and also the glasses..

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Bathroom with Juglans washbasin

mangodesign_bagno_juglans_1This bathroom, designed and built by us, it is characterized by strong geometries and light effects that highlight them. Our Juglans washbasin with its soft lines and velvety to the touch harmonizes the environment.

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Mezzanine with retractable wardrobes


For this project we transformed the mezzanine into a wardrobe room with retractable wardrobes, making the most of the low and usually unused areas. The wardrobes slide on wheels allowing you to see each garment and conveniently store the clothes in the drawers. To complete the loft area we have thought of a second bathroom, very practical, brightly colored.

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Micromosaic bathroom with anthracite sanitary ware

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In this project we have given ample space to the shower, made in micromosaic. The shower tray is covered with the same plates placed throughout the living area. For the sanitary ware and washbasin we have chosen an anthracite color in contrast with the light and luminous gray of the resins. Drywall creates empty and full spaces, highlighted by the light effects.

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A ladder, a sculpture


The steel staircase, glass and wood that we have designed for this apartment as well as being a sculpture has the usefulness of dividing the living area from the kitchen. The bright image of Paris evokes pleasant memories and personalizes the back of the columns.

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Resin bathroom with Cheeky washbasin


For this project we have thought of more masculine colors, strong lines and plays of light. The environment is elegant and serious, the resins give movement and the Sfacciato washbasin reinforces the modern style and "irregular" of the bathroom.

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Corian kitchen with accessories compartment


For this kitchen we have chosen a very linear and clean design suitable for the modern environment we created in the apartment project. The practical accessories and small appliances compartment hides the superfluous from view. The LEDs highlight the strong lines that characterize it.

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Corian kitchen with oak inserts


This Corian kitchen with oak inserts has a very special design: the fridge and oven columns are inserted into the wall and stand out like a picture thanks to the oak frame, the hood was highlighted by the plasterboard design outlined with two oak boards, on the peninsula the inserts with a soft shape on the top and square on the sides make it unique.

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Music Hall


We have transformed an old leather goods shop into a private music room where a family with a passion for musical instruments and art regenerates itself, relaxes, he dedicates himself to playing and listening to LPs and CDs or watching films and concerts. A radical change in which we have soundproofed the entire space to create an optimal environment for listening or making music;

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Fiera Domo 2017

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A Domo 2017 we presented a stand featuring salt. We have added a salt plate in the kitchen to flavor the food after cooking on teppan-yaki, inserted our laMani handle into a salt plate and placed our Sfacciato and Juglans washbasins on the salt bags. Our aperitif table "Aperificus", in the two brand new garden versions, aroused much curiosity and attraction.

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