Bagno con doccia in krion

Un bagno in krion e legno con dei tagli particolari. A crack in the flooring lights up and creates an atmosphere while the shower walls are welded to the flooring in order to create a single body. The bathroom cabinet, bold color, is characterized by our strong lines.

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Suspended kitchen in acrylic and krion

This kitchen with strong lines is characterized by lightness as it is completely suspended. The pure white gives brightness to the living area.

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Suspended kitchen in krion

This kitchen, that we have made, it is completely suspended and all in the same material, the krion. The mirror, which divides the two parallelepipeds of the island, reflects the surrounding space that seems to be part of the kitchen itself as well as giving lightness. In the drawers we have placed our Impulso cutlery holder.

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Krion kitchen with oak inserts

In this kitchen, made for a stube, the wooden details and the gas burners that come out directly from the Krion top stand out. The tones and materials reflect the environment inspired by nature and well-being. To complete it all, we have created a very convivial table..

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Krion kitchen with wooden inserts

For this renovation, design and supply of furnishings we have given ample space to the kitchen. The wooden inserts give warmth to the cold tones chosen for the furnishing of the living area. The spacious Krion top with a peninsula suspended on glass is very practical, for true cooking enthusiasts..

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Juglans for Mangodesign

Our most recent creation in the wash basin sector is the Juglans. The name and its design are reminiscent of the walnut shell. Practical and clean, it stands out for its soft lines, velvety to the touch, it is made of krion. For prices and information: Contattaci

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Lavarina lavabo Mangodesign

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Lavarina washbasin signed Mangodesign made in krion worked and assembled by hand. Modern and decisive lines. For prices and information: Contattaci

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Powder resin bathroom with sink “Sfacciato”

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For the bathroom in the living area of ​​this villa we have thought of delicate shades: face powder, dove gray and opaque white, thus obtaining a very soft atmosphere. Il nostro lavabo "Sfacciato", the cabinet in the niche made with wood and steel and our bathroom accessories complete the environment.

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Resin bathroom with Cheeky washbasin


For this project we have thought of more masculine colors, strong lines and plays of light. The environment is elegant and serious, the resins give movement and the Sfacciato washbasin reinforces the modern style and "irregular" of the bathroom.

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Corian kitchen with accessories compartment


For this kitchen we have chosen a very linear and clean design suitable for the modern environment we created in the apartment project. The practical accessories and small appliances compartment hides the superfluous from view. The LEDs highlight the strong lines that characterize it.

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Corian kitchen with oak inserts


This Corian kitchen with oak inserts has a very special design: the fridge and oven columns are inserted into the wall and stand out like a picture thanks to the oak frame, the hood was highlighted by the plasterboard design outlined with two oak boards, on the peninsula the inserts with a soft shape on the top and square on the sides make it unique.

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Corian kitchen with black satin top


In this kitchen project we have included a satin black top that gives elegance and gives a modern touch to the living area.

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Zona giorno e cucina sospesa con penisola e tavolo in noce

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This complete project of the living area and kitchen is characterized by the solid walnut boards seasoned for many years supplied to us by the client. Cuts, lights and false ceilings complete the environments by creating new shapes. Read more

Io Casa 2016 – Riva del Garda

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At the Io Casa event we previewed our kitchen with the point "G", a real innovation in the kitchen, just patented. Specifically, a clean worktop where you can activate the various functions by touching it with your hand: the vegetable washes with the various automatic washing cycles, the scale with tare function, the countdown and finally the convenience of being able to read and browse the recipes (and not only!) directly from the kitchen top. Curious? Watch our Facebook videos dedicated to each function. Another novelty is our washbasin "Juglans" with soft lines and silky to the touch.

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Corian and wood kitchen


In this kitchen made of Corian and wood, the peninsula is suspended on the glass that supports it with discretion. The compartment for small appliances allows for order and ease of use. The gas hob is the protagonist together with the wine cellar from 64 bottles, for true connoisseurs.

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Cheeky Mangodesign washbasin

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Il nostro lavabo "Sfacciato", made in krion, premio Open Design 2015. For prices and information: Contattaci

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