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Entrance “green”


For this villa, where we took care of the entire interior and exterior project, we have created an entrance "green". Innovative ideas and materials materialize in this environment, creating harmony and well-being. Sounds, perfumes, sensations and colors enhance the senses. Read more

Music Hall


We have transformed an old leather goods shop into a private music room where a family with a passion for musical instruments and art regenerates itself, relaxes, he dedicates himself to playing and listening to LPs and CDs or watching films and concerts. A radical change in which we have soundproofed the entire space to create an optimal environment for listening or making music;

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Restyling of the Saòre restaurant in Malcesine


We took care of the restyling of the new Saòre restaurant of the Hotel Venezia in Malcesine. As if by magic, everything turns upside down, the ceiling takes the shape of the beach and the lake with its shades of color, the briccole emerge among the waves and the wooden walkway allows us to walk with our head down.. The image of the Castle of Malcesine prevails over a contrast of colors. On the terrace you can savor the culinary delicacies suspended over the lake.

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Kia Alpin dealership restyling

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Interior restyling of the Kia dealership in Trento, we took particular care of the false ceilings, lighting and color contrast.

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Cheeky Mangodesign washbasin

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Il nostro lavabo "Sfacciato", made in krion, premio Open Design 2015. For prices and information: Contattaci

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Reserved and Jungle Mangodesign lamps

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Our lamps "Reserved" e "Jungle" set in two houses built by us. The lamps are available and can be customized on request. For prices and information: Contattaci

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Home Ideas 2015

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mangodesign_ideecasa_2015 - 1

On the occasion of Idee Casa we presented our new kitchen with larch wood inserts obtained from the recovery of the roof beams of an old mill under renovation, building in which the kitchen itself will be installed. With the desire to keep the memory and the history of the place where we intervened and the attention to new materials, wooden elements were reused combined with solid surface and opaque white acrylic in order to characterize the theme of the "old and new, past and present, together to shorten distances". A detail on the island is the plate of pink Himalayan salt to flavor the food. Read more


mangodesign_architettura - 1

Le architetture nella nostra filosofia sono uniche e volte al ciclo naturale della vita, al risparmio energetico ed al rispetto per l’ambiente.

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Restructuring and bespoke furnishing of a two-bedroom apartment on two levels


Bicamere mansardato a Mattarello (TN) ristrutturato ed arredato su misura. Resine e parquet sono le rifiniture protagoniste. Una striscia luminosa ricavata nel soffitto illumina con discrezione la zona giorno. La scala in acciaio rivestita con resina bianca diventa una scultura messa ancora più in risalto da un gioco di luci. The two bathrooms are in tone with the whole internal and external environment thanks to the warm and bright color of the resins. Everything in its place thanks to the spaces created and designed to make only the essential appear. The created environment is ordered, rilassante e molto armonioso.

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Accessori bagno Mangodesign

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Our line of bathroom accessories is handcrafted in krion or corian. For prices and information: Contattaci

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Renovation and new kitchen in Corian and wood


In questa cucina realizzata in corian, you can see the usefulness of the aisle made with the same material and the brightness of the green, colore adottato per gli accessori e gli sgabelli. Un vetro extra chiaro sostiene la penisola ed il tavolo. The digital fresco is the protagonist, una cartolina con un albero stilizzato che riprende lo stesso verde dei particolari e rafforza il tema della cucina.

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Renovation and new bathroom with gold resins


In this bathroom the vertical resins and the wooden floor make the atmosphere warm and welcoming. La parete della doccia è caratterizzata dai led che illuminano con eleganza e discrezione. Il top è realizzato con lo stesso legno della pavimentazione per creare continuità. Il nostro lavabo "SFACCIATO" è il protagonista in assoluto grazie al suo colore bianco candido, la superficie liscia del corian ed il suo design moderno.

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Mangodesign per Afis

Posizionamento di una lastra di porfido da 1000 kg che funge da cascata sensoriale.

Renovation and new kitchen in materic laminate and corian


Renovation of the entire apartment with suspended kitchen in Corian and material laminate. Le pareti che sostengono la cucina sono in legno laccato bianco opaco.

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Renovation and bathrooms with bright resins


Ristrutturazione completa dei due bagni utilizzando resine colorate sia per la pavimentazione che per il rivestimento. The walls are characterized by the use of designer radiators. Pulizia e regolarità delle forme.

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Triennale del Legno


At the Triennale del Legno we presented our latest washbasins and accessories designed by us for sale also on our website. Protagonista di questo evento il legno, in fact the kitchen is characterized by the inserts in the oak axis of 60 anni. Legno e corian si fondono e creano un design molto ricercato, caldo ed esclusivo.

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Corian kitchen with oak table

mangodesign_346_ trento

Cucina realizzata con top in corian e frontali in laminato materico. The warmth of an oak plank of 60 anni spessa 5 cm is carved in Corian and forms the surface where the dishes are consumed.

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Corian kitchen with appliances compartment


For this kitchen and dining area we have thought of a new very comfortable appliance compartment that closes completely if necessary, giving a sense of order and cleanliness.. A compartment also for the flush insertion of the scale on the Corian top.

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Construction of two resin bathrooms with Sfacciato washbasin

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On this occasion we present our fourth Corian washbasin designed by us: SFACCIATO. In the first the hazelnut resins, the practical mirror container with infinity LED and enlarger, the Sfacciato washbasin and the acid edges characterize the bathroom.

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Bathroom with porphyry finishes and Sfacciato washbasin

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mangodesign_bagno_patty - 1

The protagonist is our FACIOUS washbasin. Top del lavabo fatto con le tavole del pavimento, specchio contenitore a raso muro con veletta per illuminazione led. Legno, smalto e porfido fanno risaltare le porcellane. Read more

Corian kitchen with central island

mangodesign_cucina_patty - 2

Bianco corian, legno caldo e resine grigie caratterizzano gli spazi di questa cucina. An imposing central block with fires, concealed hood and multi-socket. On the side, the kitchen is suspended while the columns on the ground house a very large double fridge. Read more

Renovation, soppalco, desk and bookcase


Another nice challenge between lightness and static ... Acciaio, tiranti per legno, vetri portanti che sostengono la scala e perni a muro. Self-leveling resins and enamels decorate the whole. Libreria su misura in acciaio e verniciatura in smalto colorato. Scrivania in acciaio spazzolato, resinata per non avvertire il freddo del ferro.

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Kitchen with bench and table made with the slats of the flooring

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In questo nostro progetto le doghe di legno della pavimentazione segnano linee continue formando la panca ed il tavolo. Colori caldi, sovrani, ammorbidiscono il vivere in casa. La cucina con un laminato materico sulla parte esterna ed il bianco verso l’interno dell’area lavoro si caratterizzano in modo diverso dal nostro solito operare. Read more

Renovation, bedroom and bathroom furniture in resin and teak

mango design

For this complete renovation we have also provided teak wood in the bathroom. Innovative design radiators furnish the sleeping area and in the bathroom two beams give off heat, highlighting the crystallized dark gray color of the walls. The bedroom has a wing that acts as a headboard on one side and a dressing room on the other and a very large wardrobe in which the TV is inserted., and to access the knitwear compartment, rotates on itself. Read more

Total white kitchen with aisle equipped in Corian

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mangodesign_kitchen_antonio - 1

Per la prima volta in questa cucina trovate la nostra corsia attrezzata dietro al lavello tutta completamente in corian compreso i 3 taglieri, il vano per riporre bicchieri e tazzine appena lavati e lo scomparto per i piatti. Cucina in corian bianco latte, sospesa da listelli rettangolari ben visibili ma che nello stesso tempo danno un senso di leggerezza alla cucina.

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Resin bathroom with our Lavarina washbasin

mangodesign_bagno_luca - 7

Thanks to this very relaxing and homogeneous monolithic effect, the continuity of the resin is noted. The protagonist is the project of our second washbasin inspired by the lavarin of the past but obviously revisited in an ultra-modern key. Tagli spigolosi e ben marcati allestiscono il bagno e lo caratterizzano.

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Corian kitchen with gray finishes and colored LEDs

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mangodesign_kitchen_mario - 3

Abbiamo progettato una nuova idea di cucina con dei tagli obliqui sui fianchi in corian per renderla più leggera. In questa realizzazione viene evidenziato, grazie anche alle luci led, il nostro punto forte: la sospensione.

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Fiera Idee Casa Trento 2013

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mangodesign_unica13 - 4

Also this year we were protagonists at the Idee Casa Fair in Trento with our creations. We have dedicated ample space to this year's novelty THE CORIAN WASHBASIN. Lavabo sospeso dalle forme più accattivanti e stravaganti, progettato su misura, futurista e comunque funzionale. Le altre novità sono la lampada di design "Zebra", la porta in corian effetto "sgorbia" nel lato interno e effetto "wave" on the outside and our brushed stainless steel handle that will soon be put into production.

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Renovation, new loft and desk and revisiting of the stairwell

mango design

La scrivania: un foglio di lamiera crea leggerezza e aerodinamicità. Il soppalco è completamente staccato dal muro per dare un senso di sospensione e collegato al pianerottolo del vano scale tramite una scala in acciaio e legno. Read more

Renovation and furnishing of the living area with strong lines


For this apartment we have used warm and cold colors for the coverings , curved and angular lines for plasterboard. Everything is contrasted with an unusual harmony..

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Renovation and complete furnishing of a small penthouse in the historic center


Complete renovation of a penthouse in the center of Trento with a terrace. The iron and resin staircase becomes sculpture, the corian kitchen reinforces the idea of ​​absolute white thanks to its elements. The upstairs windows in the bedroom and bathroom have a view over the rooftops of the center, the rooms remain open with discretion..

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Bench in Corian and Mangodesign stainless steel

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Particular bench in Corian and stainless steel made by us and set in a kitchen, customizable according to the table to be combined. For prices and information: Contattaci

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Renovation and furnishing of the living area with a new mezzanine

mango design

Renovation of the living area with teak floor, dove-gray resins heat the environment and the excavation of the beams gives more light to the environment. Studio del vano scala "condominiale" che unisce i due appartamenti, zona notte e zona giorno. Abbiamo cercato di rendere il vano scala come se fosse stato progettato per un unico appartamento su due livelli, costruendo anche un soppalco che funge da studiolo. The opposite angle Zebra lamp, studiata e realizzata da noi, caratterizza il pilastro centrale addobbato infine da una splendida fioriera.

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Corian kitchen with peninsula e “ups and downs”

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Una lastra di cristallo sostiene la cucina a penisola. Top in corian bianco, frontalin0 di cassetti e cestoni in acrilico bianco con apertura automatica. Container base equipped with electric sliding mechanism with retractable compartment to house appliances that are always ready for use. Pareti in resina con finitura "ardesia".

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Tavolo in pietra ed acciaio

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Un tavolo particolare ove la struttura è annegata nel pavimento. Five thin shaped blades "7" continuously shaped with the laser from a sheet of steel 20mm thick."Fluttuante": sospeso come per magia..

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Corian kitchen with emerald green finishes


Abbiamo realizzato una nuova cucina in corian, con rifiniture e dettagli in un verde vivace. Read more

Digital fresco

mangodesign_affresco - 4 copy

Per incanto tutto ció che è stampato sul tessuto si trasferisce sul muro. Il tessuto, rimane bianco.

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Corian and dove gray acrylic kitchen


Cucina con top in corian, ante e frontalini in acrilico color tortora e sistema di apertura automatico.

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Offices for advertising agency

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mangodesign_283_trentoNuova sede per l’agenzia Tandem Pubblicità. 130.00 mq calpestabili, pavimentazione interamente in resina grigio scuro, grigio chiaro e bianca con decorazioni argento e madreperla. Una superficie unica e decorata senza interruzioni e fughe. Pareti dei bagni in resina con finitura personalizzata. Nella reception, per la scrivania sospesa, una struttura in acciaio appositamente studiata e realizzata. Le superfici sono state trattate con resine trasparenti addizionate di glitter.

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Fully suspended kitchen with contrasting LEDs


Top in corian, ante in acrilico bianco, apertura cassetti e cesti automatica.Tavolo con impiallaccio in vera pietra e sostegno in corian. Led strip lighting under the bases to give a feeling of voluptuousness..

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