Dove gray bathroom with white resin

For the guest bathroom we have chosen neutral colors. The white resin illuminates the environment and contrasts the strong color used for the shower walls.

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Wellness area bathroom

For the bathroom in the wellness area of ​​this villa we have chosen natural but lively tones. The gold-colored resins give elegance to the environment.

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Bathroom with resin floor


For the project of this bathroom we have chosen the very practical and clean resin flooring. The same finish was used for the shower paneling.

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Bath in dove gray resin


For this bathroom we have chosen dove-colored resins to give more brightness to a small but harmonious environment.

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Resin bathroom in neutral colors


For this bathroom we have chosen resins with very natural tones, created geometries on the walls and illuminated the environment in the essential points.

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Bathroom with walnut top and shelf


The simplicity and rigor of the resins, the colored furniture and the naturalness of the walnut characterize this bathroom.

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Lightning renovation


We demolished, renovated and furnished to measure the entire living area, bathroom included, in just 21 days. A lightning site with attention to the smallest details, from the digital fresco in the living room and in the kitchen, to the lamp of our invention made of fabric that illuminates the living room table. The zebra-effect furniture gives a modern touch, the white corian kitchen conquers a large space of the living area bordered by two sliding glass doors that create greater intimacy.

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Renovation, soppalco, desk and bookcase


Another nice challenge between lightness and static ... Acciaio, tiranti per legno, vetri portanti che sostengono la scala e perni a muro. Self-leveling resins and enamels decorate the whole. Libreria su misura in acciaio e verniciatura in smalto colorato. Scrivania in acciaio spazzolato, resinata per non avvertire il freddo del ferro.

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